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Season 9 Information!

Prospects eRacing League enters into a new season, with 4 Crossplay Tiers,  and a Realistic championship.

Prospects eRacing League is a fast-growing league and prides and promotes itself on clean wheel to wheel racing with a Professional stewarding team keeping things fair and following the Prospects eRacing handbook, the competition in PRL is fierce and competitive, we allow all ability's experienced or inexperienced to join PRL, all we ask for is you follow the same values as us and race clean and treat other people with respect we promote a positive social environment on our discord for all our members.


Race Days & Times


Academy: Monday 8PM BST/ 3PM EST

Realistic: Monday 10PM BST/5PM EST

T1: Tuesday 10PM BST/ 5PM EST
T2: Wednesday 10PM BST/ 5PM EST
T3: Thursdays (10PM BST/5PM EST)


Any Questions you may have then please join our discord.


We look forward to seeing you racing with us!